Family Vacation, July 2015–I Knew It Couldn’t Last

The girls and I hit the beach early, only to have our newly purchased umbrella summarily snapped inside out by what Admiral Beaufort would refer to as a “freshening breeze” (see #5 below). Since we purchased it primary due to the heat, the wind makes up for the lack of shade from our oversized paperweight. The ocean is very choppy and still just as cold.

Speaking of breezes, our a/c unit, which had been under-performing since our arrival, finally “froze up” last night. Mostly this affected the fan, so rather than move to another room at 10 pm, the hotel clerk gave us a box fan which produced a “gentle breeze” (see #3 below) which was enough to keep us comfortable as it circulated the cold air from the air conditioner. They have promised to repair or replace our a/c unit today. May the odds be ever in our favor.

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